Our dental clinic team in Durham will be happy to file insurance claims for your dental treatment. We will accept assignment of benefits from your insurance. Payment for any portion not covered by your insurance is due when services are rendered and anything unpaid by your carrier is due within 30 days. You can help maximize the use of your benefits by knowing the details of your plan. Partnered together, we will get the most out of your coverage while making the smartest decisions based on your oral health. We will not compromise your trust by making treatment recommendations based on the limitations of your coverage. Our obligation is to you, our patient, not to the insurance company.


Did you know that your dental treatment can cost you less than $100 per month? Don’t put off what will cost you more in the future. We have partnered with CareCredit to offer you 0% Interest and Extended Financing Plans to suit your needs. Approval is easy and a credit decision is fast. Everything is handled in our Durham Dental Office. Please click on the options below or  ask one of our Patient Care Specialists to apply today.

Care Credit