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Having a confident smile can change everything. Invisalign makes the decision easy, because you can get a stunning smile without most people even noticing you’re going through orthodontic treatment. Invisalign works through a series of custom, removable aligners that you wear every day. Doctors Brian Cahill and Mark Walker typically complete orthodontic treatment in 9-18 months with regular visits to check on your progress every 4-6 weeks. Research Triangle Dental in Durham is here to help you create your dream smile so you can smile not just after the treatment, but during as well. Contact us today to schedule your appointment with one of our Invisalign Dentists in Durham.


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Invisalign: A Proven Dentist-Prescribed Option for Creating an Amazing Smile

Durham Invisalign Premier ProviderNot too long ago the ability to enjoy a perfect smile wasn’t a simple task. Fortunately, technology has advanced significantly, and a very popular orthodontic product known as Invisalign is changing the way we can straighten our teeth. Doctors Brian Cahill and Mark Walker typically complete Invisalign treatment in 9-18 months accompanied with regular visits to check on your progress. RTDental offers experienced Premiere Invisalign status providers.

Invisalign created what is often referred to as “invisible braces”. It is innovative digital technology that works to predictably and reliably change the position of your teeth to give you the ideal smile that you have been longing for.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign was created by Align Technology and continues to be the industry-leader of clear aligner technology. Since its creation, Invisalign has been used by dentists to optimize smiles for more than 6 million dental patients. Over the years, the company continues to invest heavily in research to continue to improve the technology.

Capabilities of Invisalign’s custom aligners to move teeth to optimal position is similar to that of conventional orthodontic braces; however, there are numerous advantages over conventional orthodontic braces (often referred to as “railway tracks’).

Benefits of Invisalign vs. Traditional Braces

  • Comfort

Traditional fixed braces can be tight, sharp and painful. With Invisalign, the custom-crafted removable aligners fit comfortably against the teeth and gums, without any sharp edges. You can rest easy in knowing that there are no brackets that can create sores in your mouth which are common with traditional braces.

  • Cosmetic Improvement

Braces can be very noticeable as they are metallic, very bulky, and can displace the lips diminishing the look of the patient’s smile and face as a whole. Invisalign aligners are made of clear thin plastic (also known as “invisible braces”) because they are not noticeable when they are in place. Consequently, you can accomplish a stunning smile without most people even noticing you’re going through orthodontic treatment, while the series of aligners gradually straighten the teeth.

It’s easy to feel more comfortable and confident with barely-there aligners in place.

  • Improved Oral Hygiene

Traditional braces are cemented to the teeth for extended periods of time, often a year or longer. It’s not surprising that braces are difficult to keep clean, to say nothing of how difficult it is to keep the teeth and gum tissues clean and healthy. All too often the additional work to get into hard-to-reach places around brackets and wires discourages people from practicing good oral hygiene. This can result in swollen, puffy gums, permanent discoloration of the teeth, and tooth decay. In extreme cases it can even result in the need to discontinue the orthodontic treatment without completion.

With Invisalign custom aligners, you can easily remove your aligner(s) to perform your regular brushing and flossing, reducing or eliminating the risk of hygiene related complications.

  • Effective Dental Correction

Invisalign aligners are effective in correcting a range of orthodontic issues, including gaps between teeth, crowding, deep bites, and open bites. While there are still some complex situations that require traditional braces, Invisalign is able to correct the vast majority of adult orthodontic concerns.

  • Fewer Food Restrictions

Braces often discourage certain foods that are sticky, soft and chewy, such as candy, popcorn, gum and crackers. Because Invisalign custom aligners can be removed, you can still enjoy all of the foods you’ve always loved and practice important oral hygiene measures.

  • More Comfortable Orthodontic Treatment

Being fitted for braces can often be uncomfortable, especially if goopy “alginate” impression material in a mouth sized tray is used to capture the position of the teeth in your mouth. Most people do NOT enjoy that experience.

Modern dental practices, such as Research Triangle Dental, use digital scanning technology to capture the shape and position of all your teeth instead of old-fashioned impressions. The captured image is sent digitally to Align technology. Invisalign then works with the doctor to create a plan for treatment, and your custom aligners are fabricated using state of the art CAD\CAM technology.  At your delivery visit, the dentist will place “buttons” on some of your teeth (small, temporary bumps of composite resin filling material which helps the aligners grip certain teeth) and deliver your first 3-4 sets of aligners.  Each set of aligners is worn for one week, then switched to the next for one week, etc.  You’ll need to visit your dentist approximately once per month for a progress assessment and to receive your next sets of aligners.

  • Affordable Options

The cost of Invisalign is comparable to braces; and RTDental offers several financing options to make it as easy as possible for you to achieve the amazing smile that can be created with Invisalign. Options include both interest free, short-term financing and extended financing for a more comfortable monthly payment.

Dentist-Prescribed vs. At-Home Options

Durham Invisalign Premier ProviderGiven the tremendous success of Invisalign, it is hardly surprising that a number of imitators have entered the market recently. It is important to note that NONE of the imitators have anywhere close to the volume of experience and proven track record of Invisalign- over 6 million cases to date! One of these competitors is even offering a direct to consumer option for clear aligner treatment. While this option is understandably attractive, before making a decision you would be wise to read a complaint letter the American Dental Association recently filed with the FDA regarding this treatment. In this letter, the ADA outlines violations of numerous federal laws and safety regulations and cites numerous instances of significant patient harm resulting directly from this treatment.

To achieve the beautiful smile you’ve always dreamed of, call the experienced Invisalign providers at Research Triangle Dental today to schedule your appointment!

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