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Dental Veneers in Durham

Dental veneers – also known as laminates – are used to cosmetically enhance the appearance of one or more teeth. Veneers are very thin, porcelain or resin shells that are customized for a desirable color and shape. They are bonded to the surface of the teeth to reshape broken, misshapen or irregular teeth, as well as provide a solution for discolored teeth that do not respond to traditional whitening treatments.

Lumineer Smile Transformation in the Research Triangle Area

Dr. Angel Lopez is a certified provider of the Lumineer Smile Transformation.With Lumineers, you can choose the color and shape of the front teeth, thereby dramatically enhancing a person’s smile. Gaps can be closed and chipped or stained teeth can be restored to their original, youthful appearance.

Lumineers can also permanently whiten your teeth and straighten them without the longer process of braces, and within a couple of weeks, you have the beautiful smile of your dreams. Lumineers outperform traditional veneers to help dental patients attain optimal appearance while maintaining tooth structure. In most instances there are no shots, no drilling of sensitive tooth structure, and no pain.If you have ever wondered about improving your smile, now is the time to give yourself or a loved one the gift of beauty and confidence for years to come.

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DateJanuary 29, 2015