Patient under sedation dentistry in Durham

Sedation Dentistry in Durham

Sedation Dentistry is a revolutionary way to reduce the anxiety that can be accompany a trip to the dentist. Safe and effective calming medications can alleviate stress and help to make your visit a painless and stress-free experience.

Patients all too often fail to take the proper corrective dental measures because of the fear of pain or discomfort. Unfortunately, ignoring problems in the present can create long-term complications in the future. Failing to get timely dental work can turn a minor nuisance into a major headache.

With Sedation Dentistry, we can complete more work in less time which means fewer visits to the Dentist. Less visits and having those visits be calm and free of anxiety….now that’s something to smile about!

Are You A Candidate?

If you have a fear of dental work that creates anxiety during visits, you may be an optimal candidate for Sedation Dentistry in Durham.

Common reasons for Sedation Dentistry include:

  1. Traumatic dental history
  2. Resistance to anesthetics
  3. Overdeveloped gag reflex
  4. Sensitive teeth
  5. Complex or elaborate dental problems
  6. Limited time to devote to dental visits
  7. Fear of needles, drills and shots
  8. Anxiety caused by the noises, smells and tastes associated with dental care.

Don’t let fear prevent you from having the bright smile and healthy teeth you deserve. With Sedation Dentistry, dental anxieties can be a thing of the past. Don’t wait any longer; contact our dental office in Durham to get started!

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DateJanuary 20, 2015